Monday, 1 March 2010

PSP Downloads... What was I thinking?

I've just downloaded GTA: Chinatown Wars on my shiny new PSP 3000. I love the fact that you can make an impulse decision and get yourself a game in about 30 minutes (assuming a reasonable broadband connection). It's much quicker running from a memory stick too.

But then you realise something very quickly. You actually end up with nothing but data. No box, no disk, no instructions. Oh crap!

It's not a bad game, but I'm not really enjoying it. I'm finding it just a fraction too fiddly. The police are too easy to aggro, and the control is just too frantic. Many disagree, so I think I may have to bow to their gaming sage-ness. Age is inversely proportional to thumb dexterity it would seem.

And therefore, I now have nothing. I very much doubt I can get a refund based on a "I don't like it" argument. I can't e-bay it either. That's always been a staple excuse of mine that I would be able to get a bit back (sometimes 80% of the RRP) if things didn't work out. Now I'm just empty.

Blockbuster have stopped stocking PSP's and games because Sony's latest PSP-Go only does downloads (ie no UMD slot anymore!). They see this as a smack in the face for their sales and have taken the hard line. I'm tempted to adopt a similar stance. Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but my next purchase (over a tenner) is going to be on e-bay. I'll just have to curb my enthusiasm for a day or two and wait under the letterbox!

That will get Sony quaking in its boots ;-)

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